Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

1, 2-3lb Chuck Roast
Favorite Beef Rub – MT Go-To: Meat Church Holy Cow
1/4 Cup Bourbon – MT Go-To: TX Straight Bourbon or Straight Bourbon Port Cask Finished
1/4 Beef Broth
2 Tbsp of BBQ Seasoning – for braise – MT Go-To: More Meat Church Holy Cow
4 Tbsp BBQ Sauce
½” steam pan

Cut Chuck Roast into 1×1 cubes. Season all sides and let adhere for 15-30 minutes. Get smoker rolling at 225° with a heavy smoking wood/pellet like oak. Place cubed chuck directly on grate (I like to use a cooling rack; you can put all protein on there and place at once minimizing heat loss). Roll until an internal temp of 180° is reached.
While roast chunks are smoking, get the braise prepped. Add Bourbon, broth, BBQ seasoning, BBQ sauce into steam pan and mix thoroughly.
Once the 1×1 cubes of roast have hit 180°, pull and put into braise mixture. Mix and coat all sides. Place back on smoker in the steam pan stirring every 20 minutes until an internal temperature of 203° is achieved. Pull and let rest for 15 minutes. Dig in and enjoy!


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